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Minecraft – open world genre video game, written in JAVA by a swede Markus Persson (also known as Notch). Right now, the game is being developed by a company founded by himself called „Mojang“.

Currently available packages

Packages0.99 €

  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3 GB SSD
  • Choice out of 8 packages
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MySQL databases

Unlimited MySQL databases

Load graphs

Ability to see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly load charts (cpu, ram, hdd, hdd i/o, load, etc)

Dedicated Linux system

Each Minecraft server get a separate Linux OS with dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, HDD, IP)

Minecraft servers

Pre-built and configured Minecraft servers, including optimizations, plugins, etc.

Java versions

Choose or change JAVA version at any time. Java 1.8 (8), java 1.7 (7), java 1.6 (6)

Backup copies

Manage your backup copies

Secure SFTP

Unlimited and secure remote connectivity to your files using SFTP protocol

Craftbukkit versions

Craftbukkit is available after 10 minutes of new version release (update right via website)


Have a friend who own servers ? Refer MineHost.LT to a friend and get a server free of change !


Inspect in real-time usage of your RAM, CPU, and other resources of virtual server


Real-time console

SMS system

We are using our own independent SMS service that is hosted on our servers. Everything is easy to automate

Minecraft versions

Wide selection of minecraft versions

For friends 50%

Refer MineHost.LT for your friends with 50% discount (login for more information available - partnership system)

Install plugins with ease

Ability to install new or update current plugins with just a few clicks List of plugins

Payment options

Paypal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, SMS