Enterprise cloud minecraft servers

Enterprise class Minecraft Cloud server

Server cost is based on resource usage amount. For example if from 17:15 to 17:18 8GB of ram is used and from 17:18 to 17:23 4 GB of ram is used, the cost will be adjusted - 3 minutes for 8 GB and 5 minutes for 4 GB, charged for factual resource usage. To ensure not exceeding your budget, we recommend setting upper resource bounds, for example, if planning that server would be up to 10 people, we recommend 4 GB ram, 2 cores, 10 GB storage space. Report is available with accuracy of 5 minutes, (chart, table and pdf), updated every 5 minutes.

About Cloud

Usage of cloud server resources is not calculated on virtual server side, therefore your server will not contain ant monitoring services (which usually use resources). Used RAM and SSD storage are calculated instanteneously, CPU - 5 min load average. CPU load calculations are based on average use, because of high and low spikes). To get more information about Cloud minecraft server or real Cloud servers, contact us