About MineHost.Lt project

Introducing MineHost.Lt minecraft hosting. MineHost.Lt project was created in the beginning of year 2014. It was created with several ideas and goals. This project was more of an passion idea rather than business, therefore we don't seek profit, reaching our goals is more important.

Our main goals:
  • Security
  • To provide high quality minecraft hosting for our clients
  • To deny "hosting is useless, VPS is better"
  • As many unique ideas as possible

We are guided by these main goals. Firsly, we are the only (as minecraft hosting provider) in Lithuania (maybe in the entire world) who isolate every minecraft server/client from each other, fully dedicated resources instead of shared (shared resources among certain amount of people). If you bought 2gb ram, you will have it all and not a single megabyte less. Every our (only our) minecraft server is hosted in containers separated by openVZ virtualization and there are certain networking changes to keep the price as low as possible.

What unique ideas do we have?

  • Our website supports SSL and meets all standards by which it is evaluated A level (read more)
  • Server address without any port (read more)
  • SMS system (read more)
  • Very fast backup copies just in 1 second (read more) -->
  • Fast SSD storage and only SSD is in use (read more)
  • New file system (read more)
  • Servers are carefully adapted specifically for minecraft, processor clock speeds ranging from 3,4 GHz to 4GHz (read more)
  • Ability to start server debug (read more)
  • Monitoring (read more)
  • Servers (equipment) is owned by us, therefore it guarantees that we will operate long term (read more)
  • IP address bans, white list implemented in Linux system (not in minecraft layer) (read more)

Our only disadvantage, or maybe an advantage ?

  • Control may seem difficult, with many features which may seem unnecessary until first try

We seek to deny rumors about MineHost.Lt:

  • It is always possible to connect to your files using FTP and secure SFTP protocol, just need to specify certain port. To connect to server via specified short address, port is not required
  • Server crashes - we don't shutdown your servers, there is no reason to do that. If the server is down, crash report, server console, diagnostics and logs should be inspected
  • "Friends say that..." - try it yourself and see if the rumors are true. Contact us directly and we will provide an answer with details

How do we differ from other minecraft hosting ? Why should you choose minehost.lt ? What are our advantages ?

Criteria MineHost.Lt Other hosting providers
Servers (equipment) Owned resources reselled from other providers
Ability to modify plan without changing IP address Migration takes 5-10 min to free server Impossible without changing IP address
Real dedicated resources Dedicated (see info in monitoring, logs, diagnostics) Not possible
Hidden taxes No hidden taxes, no double charging for resources Charged twice for the same service
Features Lots of features Standard minecraft functions
Equipment Adapted specifically for minecraft servers Not suited, low GHz
Server address Easy to memorize, without any hosting ads or port Hard to memorize, often includes ads and port
Protection from DDoS Yes, with ability to fully control and configure Reselled therefore no access
Experience in server market More than 5 years -
Serverio load Monitoring None
Storage FULL SSD HDD with SSD only for cache

Figure 1 MineHost.Lt comparison with other minecraft hosting providers (public information)

And that is only a fraction or our capabilities. Think about it, isn' it worth choosing MineHost.Lt hosting ?


Have any requests ? We're gladly waiting for it info@minehost.lt or skype: minehost.lt