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Fast SSD storage! Speed - 555 MB/s ! Ensures stable server operation without disturbances

Easy to have your own minecraft server!

You can have your server ready just in 10 minutes ! Order Minecraft server hosting packages, upload your files (or just use standard server) and that's it ! Super easy control panel !

Order (3 min)
Activation (1 min)
File upload (5 min)
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Server is ready !


Support for all mods

Ability to use all mod packs (FTB, Forge, etc.)

Help and support

We will assist you with hosting your server

Dedicated resources

Only you can use your resources

Remote access via SFTP

Access your files using secure SFTP protocol

Load graphs

You can see your server's resource usage (CPU, RAM, SSD storage, networking)

Plugins with any packages

Use your own plugins with any minecraft packages

Servers in Vilnius

Our data center is located in Lithuania

Fast storage

We use only fast SSD storage disks

Dedicated Linux system

Each server gets a separate Linux system


Real-time operating console

and much more...

Current pricing of Minecraft hosting services is extemely low
We are ready to assist you using live communication, e-mail or Skype
Servers are being monitored by our systems which notify all of the administrators in real time



  • Linux server administration

  • OpenVZ KVM, VMware, Xen, HyperV virtualizations

  • Network administration

  • Data centre area rent and support

  • Cloud computing administration

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